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Dyslexia & Aspergers

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#1 ~ cheesemale ~

~ cheesemale ~
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Posted 07 January 2008 - 03:22 PM

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with Dyslexia at the grand old age of 35 years old. When I was at school dyslexia wasn't recognized as it is now. Ive got by in life by simply using lots of strategies from avoidance / blagging it / using spell checkers. Dyslexia didn't stop me from getting a degree at university. I now teach at a college, to student with dyslexia.

My question is this ...

I think (after much personal research) that I have aspergers like problems (as well as dyslexia). Now how can I as a 40 year old check up on this. I worked in a university and was tested by by a dylexia research unit they had there.

Is it common that you can have multiple issues, such as Dyslexia & Aspergers.

Or is it that Autism is an umbrella issue that has multiple facets and I have some of these.

Can anyone help?

#2 ~ dolfrog ~

~ dolfrog ~
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Posted 07 January 2008 - 11:00 PM

Hi cheesemale

This is a complex area and i do not profess to have all of the answers but I will try to explain a possible scenario.

you have been diagnosed as having the dyslexic symptoms, which means that you have problems accessing a man made communication system, the visual notation of speech, or the written word.
There are many underlying causes of the dyslexic symptoms which include both sensory and motor information processing deficits or disorders, it is possible to have one or more of these deficits or disorders as they can be co-morbid.
And for this specific scenario the one deficit or disorder that can cause the dyslexic symptpms is Auditory Processing Disorder

Auditory Processing Disorder is about not being able to process what you hear.
Auditory Processing is the medical term for listening. So those who have a listening problem are deemed to have an Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
APD is clinically diagnosed using a battery of diagnostic tests.
Those who have APD have difficulty listening which means that they have problems developing and learning to speak, problems following conversations, problems following verbal instructions, problems learning to read using phonics only methods and using phonics in general. Poor auditory memory which causes word recall problems when both talking and writing.
This in turn can make communication with others and social activities almost impossible for adults who had APD and even more so for young APDs who have not fully developed their coping strategies. This can make APDs isolated and appear unwilling to communicate with their family and peers.
And when an APD has developed some coping strategies when communicating with their peers they concentrate so much on trying to get out what they want to say, that that they are not always aware of the reactions of others around them and so mqay not react quickly to some ones initial response or reactions to what they are saying.

Apsergers is at the high functioning end of the Autistic Spectrum. And All assessments are based on behavioral observations or a tick box assessment.
The behavioural issues that can be important to the Assessment are the unwillingness to communicate with others, ignoring the feelings and the reactions of others to what you are saying or doing. An inability to understand those who have different opinions or ideas from yourself.
These problems are probably causes by as yet undefined multiple combinations of sensory and motor information processing deficits, disorders or failures. And Auditory Processing Disorder could be one of the many co-morbid deficits, disorders, or failures that combine to cause some of the issues found in those who are on the Autistic Spectrum and especially those who have Aspergers.

My clumsy explaination may be better explained by a presentation by Dr. Rosalie Seymour
"Central Auditory Processing Disorders as a key factor in Developmental Language Disorders" which can be downloaded from http://apd.apduk.org...lie_seymour.htm
and why the Medical Research Council's Institute of Hearing Research have included research in to both dyslexia and autism as part of the new APD research program announced this month

So you could have APD as your underlying cause of dyslexia, and if you have APD this could make you appear to have a form of aspergers or to display some Aspergerish tendancies.

I hope this helps

best wishes


Hi all,

I was diagnosed with Dyslexia at the grand old age of 35 years old. When I was at school dyslexia wasn't recognized as it is now. Ive got by in life by simply using lots of strategies from avoidance / blagging it / using spell checkers. Dyslexia didn't stop me from getting a degree at university. I now teach at a college, to student with dyslexia.

My question is this ...

I think (after much personal research) that I have aspergers like problems (as well as dyslexia). Now how can I as a 40 year old check up on this. I worked in a university and was tested by by a dylexia research unit they had there.

Is it common that you can have multiple issues, such as Dyslexia & Aspergers.

Or is it that Autism is an umbrella issue that has multiple facets and I have some of these.

Can anyone help?

#3 BubblewrapPrincess


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Posted 08 January 2008 - 12:52 AM

I considerd I might have asperger type traits but haveing met those with aspergers now see its part of my dyslexia and personality. On close inspection I found it highly unlikely I had aspergers as one of the problems with apergers is understanding figurative language and thats what I do best. Also problems with imagination, not that people with aspergers aren't imaginative people but they tend to be slightly blinkerd. They tend to develope obsessions with things. So as a kid are facinated by stamp collecting and live for everything you can learn about stamps. They tend to develope very specific skill areas and areas of interest and their creativity can be limited to this. They have trouble reading faceial expressions and see things as very black and white.

They have trouble seeing the wood for the trees and are not big picture thinkers.

So yes you can be dyslexic and have aspergers but look into it properly. Apergers and dyslexia both involve connections in the brain working differently and often can be co morbid with processing difficultys which can add to the syptoms. APD is a good example of a difficulty that can cause or worsen dyslexia and have a social impication. Also you can have a general processing difficulty so a difficulty processing information from your nervouse system, or one nerve type and being under and over sensitive to different sensations. This can be co morbid with conditions like autisum so might often be afiliated with it or even some of the conditions caricteristics discribed as an autistic traits. Like how there is alot of confusion between dypraxic and dyslexic traits and they can blur into one another on some symptom lists. This is because they so often go together.

Also there is often a period of regression and trouble socialiseing which in high functioning aspergers can be confused with ADHD.

You can be referd for an aspergers assesment threw your GP and they might be able to help you with more information.

What aperger type difficultys do you think you have?

#4 ~ doubledee ~

~ doubledee ~
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Posted 14 January 2008 - 05:25 PM

hi cheesemale,

There is also some similarities between Aspergers and dyspraxia. Dyspraxia is basically coordination problems and I'm telling you this because dyspraxia does sometimes affect people who are dyslexic. So yes you can be dyslexic and something else, be it Aspergers, dyspraxic or ADHD. And Dolfrog is right other things like APD can also cause problems with communication & mimic Aspergers symtoms.

If I were you I would read up about Aspergers, dyspraxia and all these things. You may recognise yourself in the descriptions, or you might find you only fit part of them - either way you find out something about yourself & self knowledge can only be a good thing if you ask me !

If you've already done that - I would think approaching your GP would be the place to start. If its not causing you any problems day to day, you might not need an official diagnosis -- not sure what the procedure is for adults.

#5 ~ monkey ~

~ monkey ~
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Posted 27 January 2008 - 05:02 AM

dyspraxia ahs alto of the same symtposm as aspergers. nearly all the peopple i knwo wiht dyspraxia ahve troubel with social skills, tbu the differnce is where they symptosm come from.

i ahve been diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxai and autism spectrum disorder. the audioltist also thinsk i have CAPD. thes thigns can all be in oen person. it is possibel to ahve dyslexia and aspergers tbu it si also possibel that it is somthigne esle. there are many difficutlsy that ahve similer symptosm. i think a doctro should kwno.

#6 ~ TheYorkshireRambler ~

~ TheYorkshireRambler ~
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Posted 26 March 2008 - 02:53 PM

I was only diagnosed when I was 27 and like you I spent years avoiding things and blagging it so I understand a bit about what you mean. About the Aspergers I don't now. My sister calls me autistic sister which is kind of unkind I guess but I can see were she is coming from. Maybe not so much now because I have learn to cope in different situations but up until few years ago I would say I definitely had some questionable behaviors. I have had a teacher at school mention I could have something like Apsergers when I was at school but due to it taking forever to get an educational psychologist assessment it never happen.

#7 ~ Musica ~

~ Musica ~
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Posted 05 May 2012 - 10:50 AM

I was diagnosed with mild dyslexia at 26, having gained a masters degree etc, and have coped with self made strategies. I am now 30. Having come to terms with dyslexia, I am now slightly worried about my behavour which could point to aspergers. If there is help, I would like to address this and try to make changes in myself while still 'relatively' young. Please provide your thoughts, either if you can relate personally or have medical expertise...

I have had OCD since a child...this includes learning details and facts about areas I am interested in. Usually I get deep into a subject for months and months. I am a composer and can willfully compose for hours on end without thinking or wanting to take a break for food or drink. Many call me obsessed with making a career in such a hard industry, but it is my passion and I exhibited skills of an adult in this area as a young child, so believe it is my purpose, despite being an 'obsession' too.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, is the effect I have on people close to me. Sometimes I do not say or do the right thing and really offend people for my lack of words or actions at certain times, which can be interpreted as insensitive and not caring, when in fact I am a very caring person. For instance, a family member was cleared of a serious illness. When they arrived from the hospital and I saw them, I was very relieved inside. They started doing chores in the kitchen, but did not show nor mention anything about it for a good 5 to 10 minutes from when they walked through the door, apart from asking if they wanted a cup of tea etc, as I was thinking of sitting down with them and talking about it. They told me a normal reaction would have been to give them a hug and smile etc. My inaction led to a great heated argument.
Also, when a very close relative died, I didn't cry when so many around me were in pieces, and I actually felt guilty for a long time about this, but in private moments I do get upset and think about the loss. People think my lack of showing emmotion at these times is very strange. Yet I do show emmotion when angry about a topic or person, or even depressed over a period. It's really the lack of immediate responses and the ability to say or do the expected thing which is hurting those close to me.

Anyway, I would like to know how to improve my understanding of how my actions effect those close to me. Sometimes I understand what should be said or done, but have trouble connecting the thought with action, or just in understanding the importance of it. Other times I completely do not realise that I may be seen as selfish. It is strange because a lot of the time, my mood is linked to how I think others are feeling. If someone close to me is angry or upset, or happy, I tend to feel that way..(when I do get my understanding right of their emmotions that is)! I am a paradox.

Thank you for any thoughts and for reading this strange and long message.

#8 Allways Wondering

Allways Wondering

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Posted 05 May 2012 - 03:20 PM

Hi Musica,

Just wanted to let you know you are not alone in suspecting that you may also have something else as well as Dyselxia.

In my experence it appears to happen once you are almost complety confurtable with the Dyslexia lable and you understand the issues you face well and know numerous coping techniques.

As this is when I realsied that some of my issues didn't really come under the lable Dyslexia. But other people think are unsural.

I have had people try and lable me as being Autistic in the past. I don't think I am. I might be on the Autisic scale as I have heard that everyone is on the scale to some exitent some more than other and even to have Aspergers you have to score a certain mark.

I do have some traights about 3 which I can now see why some might think I have Autisim but no where enought to have the condtion. But it shows more how inorant people are of the Autisic spectrum when they think a few traights make you have it. Its the equivelent of lableing someone as Dyslexic because they got there i & e's round the wroung way or are bad speller only.

I did have a note of a website that showed who all the SpLD's like Dyslexia, Dysprixia & ADD/ ADHD over lap and it Aspergers & Autism are inclueded. I have unfortuntly forgotten what the website was called. Sorry about that. May be if you do a search for somthing like "Dyslexia over lap with Aspergers" or "Dyslexia over lap with other difficulties" And hopefully This web site will come up. It tells you about the "condtions" sperately as well as a digram that shows the overlap.

I remebmer haveing a look at it and realiseing that I appear to have a few traights from each lable the only lable I appear to fully fit in too is Dyslexia. I was and still am curuse to wither I do have something else as other people who I dought are quailfied have told me that they think I have ADHD or ADD or Dysprixia. But at the moment it just appears to be traights. Anxiety I am aware can be mistaken for ADHD.

Though it is deffently somthing you should look in too. And I hope that you are able to find the web site. I would sugest that you also look up your local Autisum charty to maybe contact there help line if they have 1 about your concerens.

Take Care.


P.S. It's common traight in people with Dyslexia too lack tack that others appear to have. i.e. If someone was to asked my opinon on new clothes I would give an unsatifactory answer. As they may look amazing in them but think that I think it looks affual on them and I struggle to find my opinons on clothing. And some times I end up getting my self in to trouble by saying something more dogmentray. Other people just seem to be able to put there point more elgantly, quickly and less clumsy. Not sure about the clumsy word but it come across as less thoughtful words.

Think my message is longer than yours opps :blush:

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