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How to get Extra Support as a Dyslexic Student

If you think you may be dyslexic contact the Learning Support Department or Student Services. They should advise on the accepted route for the particular institution and may well have an interview or screening procedure.

The support you receive depends on the demands of your course and the resources of the place where you are studying. There are special arrangements for full-time university students.

Assesements of Students

Dyslexic students require a fairly recent assessment to determine whether they need on-course support and modified examination arrangements, such as extra time or the use of a word processor. Because of the cost involved, a screening test may initially be carried out.

Some students encounter great difficulty in getting assessments because of cost and availability of suitably qualified and experienced experts. Financial help may be accessible through access funds or the student hardship fund.

The Disabled Students’ Allowance is available only for dyslexic students on full-time Higher Education courses (the Dearing Report has recommended that it be extended to part-time and post-graduate students). Until recently, it had been expected that assessments establishing the existence of dyslexia would be carried out by Educational Psychologists but the Disabilities Directory, recently circulated to Local Education Authorities, states that assessments by suitably qualified Tutors are acceptable to initiate a claim for Disabled Students’ Allowance.

The Disabled Students’ Allowance can cover the cost of equipment, such as a computer, specialist tuition and further costs incurred because of the disability if the individual’s needs are judged to impede study. A further assessment of equipment needs may also be necessary to advise on appropriate technological aids.

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