Alpha Child Assesement Test

Alpha Child Assesement Test

Your score will show that you are either: Left Brain Dominant/Right Brain Dominant or Have Integrated Intelligence.


0 to 15 indicates that the scorer is primarily Left Brain dominant, i.e. thinks mainly via the Left Side of their Brain, i.e. the Masculine side. This indicates they belong to the successful PAST , but increasingly dwindling PRESENT . It is essential that they develop their Right Brain.

35 to 50 indicates that the scorer is primarily Right Brain dominant, i.e. thinks mainly via the Right Side of their Brain, i.e. the Feminine side. They are the FUTURE. However, without a developed Left Brain to organise their information and abilities, they will have limited success. They must learn to develop their Left Brain.

16 to 34 are the lucky ones, because they are primarily Right Brain dominant but with good Left Brain organisational facilities. The best are those scoring 20 to 30; they represent the PRESENT and FUTURE . Positively the best combination of Left Brain/Right Brain.

Left Brainers tend to do well in the Left Brain school system. The planet is currently Governed by Left Brain dominant people. But before Left Brainers cheer too loudly, the future belongs to those with Integrated Intelligence. Why? Because the best Left Brain on the planet is the computer and it can only get better.

Right Brainers make up the bulk of school failures, though many thrive in TV/Film industry, in the Arts, or as Cartoonists, Illustrators and similar. Most dyslexics are RB dominant, dyslexia being an under development of the Left Brain.

Integrators are usually Right Brain dominant and tend to be the most successful group. Their Left Brain organises information for the more powerful Right Brain to use. Sir Richard Branson is a classic Integrator, whether he knows it or not. Take the test Richard, I'll bet you are in the 20 to 30 range. Sue me if I'm wrong.

To discover how, use any of the Edinburgh Techniques and look for the new Thinking Skills Programme on this website in November 2005

Alpha Child Assesement Test