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Being Dyslexic is a website for anyone with Dyslexia, or anyone interested in Dyslexia.

Being Dyslexic provides a range of dyslexia information for people of all ages and situations who are either dyslexic or interested in dyslexia. Everything on Being Dyslexic is free and accessible for anyone to use and share. Being Dyslexic also hosts one of the largest dyslexia community forums on the internet - so why not pop along today and discuss dyslexia with other people!

Being Dyslexic is being someone amazing!

At Being Dyslexic with have a strong sense of community built upon the ethos that being Dyslexic is being someone amazing. Becuase dyslexia has a right brain dominance, it allows you to see every day activities from a slightly different angle. For example Dyslexics tend to be highly creative, insipirational and passionate about things that non-dyslexics overlook. If this seems like a bold statement, just look at how many film stars and business entrepreuners are dyslexic!

Dyslexic's brains are amazing. Try to learn stratagies that help you overcome any day-to-day problems, so that you can explore the world in our unique but amazing way! Why not visit our community forum to discuss this now!

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